Small Businesses in Dubai

Do you have any future plan to set up your own company in the foreign country? To be known as a young business tycoon in foreign countries setting platform for earning for your country people who are expats and even for yourself creating better place and platform for more earning.

It never matters what kind of job you are up to, the more thing that matter is whether you have particular interest for that or not and along with that what all effort could be put up for your part. So if your business is small what you are able to handle it in a successful manner then, in no matter of time you could able to seek yourself fulfill your dream meanwhile setting an example for the upcoming generation to follow you in the same way.

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Talking about setting small business and that too in Dubai could prove to be as challenging as setting up large firms. As there are many other formalities that one has to undergo in case of setting business like the high cost of setting up and licensing for start-up business could prove to be some clear obstacle. Though Dubai government is equally encouraging to set up new start-up by the expats but to understand the market strategies and coming up to clear ideas what all business one could start for better returning, one has to take clear guidance of the market expert who could help you to set better fortune for your small business.

So, to set up business in Dubai, Mahesh Dalamal CEO of Creative Zone in Dubai, no matter small or big could help you in settling your business and along with that also able to take responsibilities of providing issuance of the trading license and residential visas. After this also Mahesh Dalamal do not stop over here he continuously try putting his effort for all kind of support needed to be required to overcome the challenges of the market and ensuring long future for small business as well.

He personally also suggests different options to both citizens as well as expats for certain business which they could start at lower platform and could succeed on a high platform and great return that could act as backup for your real motive and business in Dubai, that include:

  • Food, drink & catering
  • Travel agency
  • Specialty school
  • Job agencies
  • Trading
  • Child care facilities

These are few options out of many business in Dubai suggested by Mahesh Dalamal, that could have better future and returning on long term business.

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What makes an entrepreneur? | Mahesh Dalamal

What makes an entrepreneur? | Mahesh Dalamal:

Being an entrepreneur can be hard sometimes, because coming up with a new idea and promoting it in a market that might either be poor or filled with such solutions is a constant battle. This is why you need to have a set of some great qualities that will make you stand out as an entrepreneur!

The most important thing you need to do as an entrepreneur is to choose a field of work that you are really passionate about. Passion is very important when it comes to the amount of involvement that you will have in your company and ideas, because only with the help of passion will you be able to have a successful business. Alongside that, you have to take everything you do seriously. Remember, having a business can be fun, especially if you transform your hobby into a fully-fledged company, but in the end this is the main source of income that you will have, so full involvement and complete seriousness are essential if you want great results.

Mahesh Dalamal

                                           Mahesh Dalamal

Always try to plan ahead and create a strategic plan, because this always helps you get the upper hand in front of the competition. Being prepared for the difficult situations or creating some plans that will allow you to improve your products/services are essential, so don’t hesitate to implement detailed planning into your endeavors.

Money management is an essential skill as well. Even if your product is successful and it’s generating a lot of revenue, you need to pay complete attention to the way you use the money you have. Repair, replace and improve the production tools/apps, get better promotion for the same budget, pay the necessary services and monitor your inventory properly, are great examples of money management. Of course, remember that you can opt for self-promotion if you are on a tight budget, as this can bring you excellent results as well as teach you a lot about your desired market.

Try to create a fresh, positive image for your business, and this can sometimes mean that you need to work hard day and night to provide good customer support even after the product purchase.

A good entrepreneur will always be tolerant to others, but he will also have a backup plan at any given time. This is very important for any person that wants to manage a business.

Vision is also necessary, because no one will provide you with ideas, instead you need to create them on your own and design the production stages, as well as visualize the final product even before anything can be set in stone. This is what makes a stellar entrepreneur!

In conclusion, having a successful business requires you to have a vision, work closely with people that share it and also trusting you instincts. Sure, they might not always provide the expected results, but only with commitment, strength of character and power you will get a great business that will increase its success! 

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Business Process Improvement | Mahesh Dalamal

Business Process Improvement | Mahesh Dalamal:

Today, more than ever before, using technology to boost your business processes is vital to business success. Luckily, there’s an easy approach which will assist you to verify the way to set about designing your developments – and accomplishing this as efficiently as possible.

So, how do you set about improving your business processes — significantly in powerful economic times? Mahesh Dalamal proposes that you just begin with an intensive check up on every of your processes, and therefore the people and technology that attached each one of them. We refer to this method as a “Technology Roadmap.” A Technology Roadmap is truly simply that – a really elaborate document that maps out precisely wherever you’re these days from a technology perspective, wherever you need to be technologically, and therefore the ensuing gap that exists between these 2 states.

Once you’ve got your Technology Roadmap clearly outlined, you’ll then assess the most effective way to rate the ensuing tasks or projects that may bridge that known gap. You’ll examine your budget and your human resources, and so develop a project plan to prioritize the projects primarily based upon those 2 constraints. Once you’ve got done this, you’ll be on your way to improving your business processes. And, you will be able to do it off in a very timeframe that matches together with your existing resources or verify what resources that you just might have to hire to assist you to accomplish your business goals.

Business - Mahesh Dalamal

A word on resources generally so as to boost your business, an out of doors perspective is important. This is often true no matter what business you’re in. As a result of we have a tendency to love what we have a tendency to do for a living, we will generally become too inside targeted once examining our own businesses. Despite our greatest intentions, we have a tendency to do the things in a similar manner because we are naturally reluctant to change. It’s merely the human attribute. As you’re considering your business and rising your business processes, take a tough check up on your internal capabilities to totally examine the processes and poke holes in them to cause amendment.

Once you’ve got done some soul looking you will well verify that you can effectively build your Technology Roadmap internally. However, if you get the feeling that having an out of doors consultant to manage the process, by all means, that have it off. Simply choose a consultant who you trust and includes a specific background in business method improvement.

When looking externally, an extra issue to think about is that the consultant’s ability to concentrate on the small details We’ve found that a lot of consulting companies take a strictly strategic approach – providing a high-level overview of  how to completely impact your business processes. Whereas this is not bad, Mahesh Dalamal found that so as to completely amend your business processes for the higher, attention to detail is vital to your project’s success. Consequently, choose a consulting firm which will assist you with strategy however conjointly work on the small details and tasks to induce every project done on-time and on a budget.

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Mahesh Dalamal Creative Zone

Mahesh Dalamal Creative Zone CEO


Since moving to Dubai from London in 2005 Mahesh Dalamal has established and managed two highly successful businesses in the UAE. His vast experience, both here and abroad, made him quickly adaptable to paradigm shifts in the local and global business landscape.

Starting a new business can seem daunting, as there are so many things to consider. Taking the leap from being an employee to a business owner is a big step, and can seem even bigger if you are moving overseas or to a new region. There are some key aspects to consider:

  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Will there be any employees or will you be a sole owner?
  • Are key finances in place?
  • Will you need funding?
  • Do you have an office space?
  • Are you registered?
  • Are there any legal requirements?
  • Will you need insurance?
  • Do you understand the tax structures and liabilities?


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Dubai is a beautiful place, full of life, culture and innovation. As a relatively new place, it is vibrant, creative and inventive. A great place to create a new venture or expand an existing business. There is so much opportunity here, with a huge mix of people from across the world, which adds to its diversity.

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Mahesh Dalamal is an entrepreneur and CEO at Creative Zone Dubai. In this video he goes through some invaluable tips for starting a new business for the first time. Mahesh Dalamal specialises in business in Dubai and can help if you are thinking of starting a new business overseas or relocating.

Mahesh Dalamal – CEO at Creative Zone Dubai

Mahesh Dalamal 2Mahesh Dalamal: There are many opportunities in business and as an entrepreneur it is our job to find them! Dubai is a place of opportunity – the economy is booming and industry is thriving. It is a great place to make the jump into a new business, or bring your business over and make new connections. As a growing economy is is a fantastic place to make new connections and establish additional revenue streams. Not only is it is a great place to do business, but it is also a wonderful place to live – the people are friendly and motivated – which explains the huge numbers of expats that choose to make Dubai their home!

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